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Brooklyn Kindergarten - Lara Donaldson, Head Teacher:

"Jo is amazing! She brings her passion for the dramatic arts and combines this with familiar children's books such Giraffe's Can't Dance and The Gruffalo.  The result is a creative gem that captures the children and teacher's imaginations alike.  Her inclusive approach and sense of fun entices the children to join in and lose themselves in the creative process. This is great for a larger group as she captivates with her great choreography, use of props and pre-recorded sound effects. We all love it when we hear that Jo is coming with a new story. Ka pai Jo, we love Physical Stories at Brooklyn Kindergarten."

Ngaio Kindergarten - Nik, Head Teacher: 

"Jo has been doing physical stories with our tamariki for the past term and they have absolutely loved the experience as they learn to control their bodies. They get excited knowing that she will be coming again to explore a new story that they can connect with. The way Jo structures the experience means we can explore her story and themes prior to and after the session with the tamariki, making it more authentic. We highly recommend Jo." 

Joanne is a trained teacher and able to offer Physical Stories for both Kindergartens and Primary Schools. 

Talk to Joanne about what themes the children are focussing on at school and she will be able to find a story to support and complement that learning.


Here are just some of our Physical Stories and the teaching massages behind them.

  • The Gruffalo - We meet a little mouse who is brave and smart. Using his breath to clear his mind his is able to out smart the Gruffalo

  • Giraffes Can't Dance - A story about overcoming bullying. Gerald the Giraffe finds his own tune and way of moving with the help of a friend.

  • Lulu - We meet a Lioness club who is still learning. We are going to help her find her roar, manage her frustrations and calm down.

  • Commotion in the Ocean - We go under the sea and meet the various sea animals and fish. Let’s make sure we look after our oceans/moana.

  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt - Let's have a spirited adventure and learn to be brave - ’I'm not scared!’

  • Spider-Man - Our Hero Spider-Man saves the day! It takes time and patience to be good at something. Spider-Man is great at using his spidey sense and listening!

  • Donna the Dolphin - Let’s meet Donna the Dolphin, who teaches us ways to stay calm, keep breathing and think happy positive thoughts!

  • Room on a Broom - We meet a kind and caring witch and have a fun adventure!

  • Moana - We learn to believe in ourselves and visualise. 

  • Zog and The Flying Doctors - We meet the flying doctors and Princess Pearl lets her talent shine!  We all have our very own special talents. What are yours?

  • Batman - Just like Batman we can decide to take on challenges. Next time you feel like giving up on something, decide to keep going and think Batman Decides. 

  • The Māori Creation Story - Tāne becomes the guardian spirit of the forest and shows us what can be achieved when we are determined. Everyone has great potential, and if you keep trying, you can be whatever you want to be too!

  • Frozen - We learn to relax and calm our bodies, the way Elsa had to calm herself and learn to control her powers. We realise how important it is to share our love with our family and friends. 

  • Kia the Kiwi - Kia shows us how amazing the dark can be, so we can learn how to love the dark rather than be afraid of it! 

  • Wonder Woman - we learn that there are superheroes all around in our everyday lives and we can be one too!

  • Three Billy Goats - Lets meet three brothers who work so well together they defeat the greedy troll. We learn that we would be wiser to be graceful of what we already have, rather than wanting more and bigger.

  • The Wizard of Oz  - We have everything we need - “There's no place like home”. Let's be thankful for what we have right here and now.

  • Stickman - Christmas Story! We meet Stickman and are reminded of the importance of our family and friends. 

  • The Wizard of Oz  - We have everything we need - “There's no place like home”. Let's be thankful for what we have right here and now.

  • Pirate Treasure Adventure - We go on an adventure to find the treasure before the pirates get to it, but what kind of treasure do we find? Precious things like aroha/love, kindness and friendship.

  • Trolls - A story about bringing happiness to the world. So often we look for happiness outside ourselves, to things that we own, and things that we buy. We learn that real happiness lives inside each and every one of us. We just have to find it. 

  • Alice and Wonderland - Alice falls down a rabbit hole, and finds herself in Wonderland where she journeys into a world of complete nonsense and meets some bizarre creatures! Sometimes when the real world can seem a bit confusing our imaginations can take us to places like Wonderland. How wonderful it is that our imaginations are able to create a whole pretend world!

  • Beauty and the Beast - Through this classic story we consider what real beauty in someone is and looks like. Being kind, generous and caring are the traits of real beauty, not what you like like. By being these things yourself you are showing your real inner beauty too! 

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